2012/2013 VFX Showreel

About City 17

I started out in the industry as an actor about fourteen years ago where I also learnt the basics of many other trades; sound design, directing, cinematography etc. A few years on I stepped behind the camera and started to create as a director. After a short time City 17 was born. City 17 create films, TV programmes, A.D.R, sound design, motion capture, music videos, showreels, documentaries, photography, V.F.X (pretty much any visual or audio media) from pre to post production (or any stage in-between). We love to take a good idea and work with it, helping companies to achieve a slick, professional end product. We work with everything from normal HD consumer cameras, 35mm lens adapters, DSLR cameras right through to the bigger production cameras like the Red One, super 16 and 35mm. We have continuous on site cameras that shoot at a 2.5k super sharp cinema quality. This means that no matter what your project, we can deliver an end product good enough to be displayed at cinemas, with no need for extra costs renting high end cameras (in most situations). This combined with other in house, high end equipment such as motion capture facilities and a freelance based staff, means we can assure the best prices for quality in the industry. Bringing you hollywood visuals at great value prices.

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