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About City 17

City17Productions is a production company made up of a number of industry freelancers. We create films, TV programmes, A.D.R, sound design, motion capture, music videos, documentaries, and V.F.X. Pretty much any visual or audio media, from pre to post production, or any stage in-between.
We love to take a good idea and work with it, helping companies to achieve a slick, and professional end product. We work with everything from normal HD consumer cameras, 35mm lens adapters, DSLR cameras right through to the bigger production cameras like the Red cameras, super 16 and 35mm. We have continuous on-site cameras that shoot at 2.5k super sharp cinema quality so, no matter what your project we can deliver an end product good enough to be displayed at cinemas. This means (in most situations) there is no need for extra costs, renting high end cameras. This combined with other in-house high-end hardware, such as motion capture equipment and freelance based staff, means we can assure the best prices for quality. Bringing you high end visuals at great value prices.

Latest news

  • 18 Nov2014
    One Direction "Steal My Girl" music video

    We are really pleased to announce our recent work on One Directions music video "Steal My Girl". The video just hit 70 million views on YouTube alone. please check it out in our media section.
    Our part in the production - VFX/Graphics
  • 12 Oct2014
    One Direction documentary "This Is Us"

    We just finished working vfx on the new One Direction documentary "This Is Us". It Out Now so go check it out.
    Our part in the production - VFX/cleanup
  • 04 Sept2014
    XFactor Series opening slot

    We are pleased to announce our recently finished project for ITV,s Xfactor, please check it out in our media section.
    Our part in the production - VFX
  • 27 Aug2014
    The Dead 2 feature film release

    So the realease of The Dead 2 is upon us. Check out the trailer in our media section.
    Our part in the production - VFX
  • 19 Apr2014
    Welcome to our new look site

    Welcome to the new look website we have been working on. Please take a look around. Unfortunately not all the features and links are up and running yet, but be assured all features will be working soon.
  • 12 Apr2014
    Marathonbet's new advancebets

    The betting company Marathonbet have just released their innovative new system "Advancebets". Check it out on their website.
    Our part in the production of the video - entire production from ground up
  • 07 Nov2013
    Be ready for the "The Class of 92"

    Be ready for the release of "The Class of 92" a great journey across what are possibly Man United's best years ever.
    Our part in the production - VFX
  • 17 Jun2013
    We work with Brandon Boyd on his new release "Lady Black"
    So we just finished work on Brandon Boyd's (lead singer from Incubus) brilliant new release "Lady Black". Check out the video either in our media section, or on his official website.
    Our part in the production - VFX / typography
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